Donna McCarthy, aka Miss Mac offers online courses in art for groups 

and individuals. She is a certified teacher in Rhode Island and has a

Master's Degree in Education.


The excitement of a blank piece of paper, the anticipation of what the imagination will conjure up and the creative process along the way is what makes learning through creativity rewarding and memorable.

A blank paper holds so many possibilities, and those possibilities are endless. The power of bringing that paper to life by writing, drawing or painting is exciting, challenging and satisfying.

These courses are taught via Zoom and are limited to 10 children per session so that I may give a proper amount of attention to everyone. Classes can be created by age group according to preference. For younger children, we require that an adult be in attendance for guidance and hands-on help.

Creative Writing

Poetry and Ishkabibbles

4-week session (1 hour per week)-$200/10 children


The class begins with how to formulate an idea and the mechanics of writing an ABCB poem, a Tanka Poem and an Ishkabibble (nonsense) story. This class includes a free PDF of Miss Mac’s book of poems for kids entitled Toenail Soup, written in ABCB rhyme.

One or all of your poems can be illustrated in a separate art class.

Step by Step Drawing 

8-week session (1 hour per week)-$400/10 children


Donna’s ongoing drawing class is a foundational course that builds drawing skills from a basic understanding of lines and how they convey feeling, weight, and texture. From there we move onto understanding shapes and empty spaces, textures, perspective, and color theory. Once the basic skills are laid out (8 weeks) we move onto more complex drawings where all these elements are incorporated into one piece. Sketching in sketchbooks each week, outside of class, is highly recommended to hone skills taught during class.

Basic materials needed:

9 x 12 drawing pad                                                                             Eraser

#2 pencils                                                                                               Sharpener

Fine point and fat sharpies or black permanent markers                                Dry Erase Marker

Colored pencils

Art Through Time & Around the World 

4-week session (1 hour per week)-$200/10 children

There is an additional prep time fee for this class of $50/assignment


This is a hands-on art history class and lessons can be planned with each group to coincide with general history, geography, science, sociology, psychology, math and language. Civilizations, culture and history are explored through drawing, painting and mixed media assignments that will often take more than 1 session to complete. Simple Research and writing assignments can be incorporated to do independently for preparation or review of the art lesson.  Miss Mac will work with each group of parents to create custom curriculum that can include subject matter being taught in other areas of study. Projects will not be repeated when booking concurrent sessions.

Materials depend on the specific project.

Illustrate Your Story with Donna McCarthy aka Miss Mac

Week session (1 hour per week)-$600/10 children

This class corresponds with Denise Flagg’s prose course in story writing and should run subsequently.


Course Outline:

Process for printing a book beginning to end

What is an ISBN number?

What is copyright and trademark?

Character development (different views)

What lines to illustrate

Layout do’s and dont’s

Single and double page spread illustrations

Making a book dummy

One on One

Private art tutoring is for kids who are motivated to stretch and improve their technical skills in drawing and/or painting

Lessons are designed according to the visual abilities of each student and what their goals are. Discounts are offered

for signing up for multiple classes.

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